Change is not

something to simply

wish or wait for.

Real change requires intent and action.


Improving lives through healthcare,

nutrition, clean water and education.




Feeding Families During The Pandemic

You can still help the people of Guatemala and let them know you care.

Food insecurity has increased significantly throughout Guatemala due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When the country shutdown in mid-March 2020 (when the first COVID-19 case was reported in Guatemala) regular commerce and movement were immediately shutdown by the Guatemalan Government in an effort to reduce community spread of the virus. As a result, simply overnight, many people found themselves without work and unable to feed their family. Keep reading …


Mission Trip Updates

Our 2021 mission team schedule has been set!

Now, more than ever, the people of Guatemala need healthcare teams to return but we will be doing so with protocols and processes in place to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Thank you!


  • Mission Trip

    February 20 – 27    San Raymundo (clinic-only)

  • Mission Trip

    March 13 – 20    Sarstún

  • Semana Santa

    March 28 – April 4 

  • Mission Trip

    July 31 – Aug 7    San Raymundo

  • Mission Trip

    August 14 – 21    Sarstún

  • Mission Trip

    October 16 – 23    San Raymundo

  • Mission Trip

    December 4 – 11    Sarstún


Refuge International volunteers and supporters make a difference by building collaborative and sustainable programs among four important tenets.


Providing quality healthcare to
underserved populations.


Breaking the cycle of poverty
through improved education.


to improve
overall health.

Clean Water

Bringing sustainable, clean drinking
water to rural communities.


Latest News

Coronavirus News and Updates for Guatemala

Coronavirus News and Updates for Guatemala

Like so many countries throughout the world, Guatemala was not able to avoid the arrival of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a medical mission organization, a significant portion of our volunteers and supporters are healthcare providers and we continue to pray for your...


Refuge International volunteers are dedicated, compassionate and committed people.
We are grateful to those that give of their time and resources to make our mission possible.

Sue Gillette, RN

In 2018, Refuge International was fortunate to meet Sue Gillette, RN from Denver, CO. She attended a medical mission trip to Sarstun and traveled with a medical bag of supplies from our office. She inquired how we get these supplies and how she could help out, and she became our traveling nurse, picking up donated supplies...

Sue has helped Refuge not only by getting free medical supplies from facilities, but also by delivering them to our office in Longview, Texas. She has put many miles on her vehicle.

When we asked why she would travel from Denver to Grand Junction to East Texas, Sue replied: “The waste in our country is a treasure for the people of Guatemala! The need is great, and if you can save money and time procuring the equipment and supplies needed for a medical mission trip, you are helping these amazing people!”

Amanda Judd, NP

Amanda Judd, a nurse practitioner from Colorado, did not always intend to go into the field of medicine. While living in Mexico, pursuing an education in anthropology and sociology, she visited a Mayan village to interview its president. Upon hearing that he had a headache, she casually suggested he take some aspirin ...

Dr. Ben Mack

Dr. Ben Mack has volunteered with Refuge International on at least a dozen trips over the past few years. A dynamic and committed surgeon, Dr. Mack makes a significant difference in the livesof people in Longview and Guatemala. It is evident in casual conversation that he has a passion for service and a strong drive to make...